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What is a Proxy Submission for dictations? Why would I set up a proxy submission?

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How to set up a proxy submission


It is common in our industry for busy authors to hand their portable dictation recorder to a subordinate to upload dictations on their behalf rather than logging in and doing it themselves.  InfraWare provides admins the ability to authorize proxy submissions so the audit trail will accurately reflect the workflow. This prevents the need for authors to share their login credentials with others. 

By default, authors are only permitted to submit dictations on behalf of themselves.  Admins may authorize an author to submit dictations on behalf of another author in author settings.


  • In the IMC, go to the Administration tab ⇒ Users sub-tabClick on the User's name
  • Scroll down to the Facility Roles section and click on Author Settings.
  • In the Dictation Submission Options section, click the Add/Remove link next to the label Proxy:  Authorized to submit dictations on behalf of:
  • A new window will open showing IDC submission rights for the selected author.  Below this, all authors for this facility will be listed.  Simply select the boxes beside the appropriate names.
  • When you have selected all of the authors for whom this Author will dictate, press the "Submit Changes" button to commit the changes to the platform.
  • This will allow this author to log in to the IDC and upload or create dictations on behalf of the selected authors.


  • Regardless of actual roles, if the person you wish to authorize for proxy submissions is not an author you will need to assign them the author role anyway, so their name will appear for authorization.
  • Separate TDS authorization is needed to submit telephone dictations.
  • Proxy submission authorization does not authorize the user to eSign by proxy. Separate authorization is required for eSign.  See KB208 for details on eSign proxy setup.



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