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How do I edit Pool Membership?

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How to Understand and Edit Pool Membership


InfraWare 360 is highly customizable to accommodate business models of transcription production units of vastly different sizes and goals. Pool memberships is a way to allow large and complex organizations to group people together for easier setup. 

Understanding Pools

Pool membership is simply a way to group users. A rule must be assigned to the pool for pool membership to be meaningful. For example, an admin can create a MT pool named "Dr. Smith's Jobs", but it does not automatically cause Dr Smith's dictations to route to members of this pool. This is a common misconception; routing jobs to MTs is done in "Transcriptionist Settings" under "Transcription Access Rights" not in Pools.

  • MT Pools - create groups of MTs who will be QAed by a specific person or QA Pool. The rule is applied under workflow>QA Management. Urgent Jobs may also be routed to MT pools for faster TATs.
  • QA Pools - create groups who perform QA for specific MTs or MT Pools. The rule is applied under workflow>QA Management
  • Author Pools - create groups of authors for MT Access (routing to MTs), or QA, eSign-off requirements
  • eSO Pools - create groups of authors who may sign on behalf of each other.

Rules for these pools may be added from Administration>Pools by selecting the green plus (+) or you may go to the appropriate sub-tab on the Workflow page.

Editing Pool Membership

New pools may be created from the Administration>Pools page by selecting the appropriate new pool type box at the bottom of the page. Name the pool and select members from the available list. Save changes.

Membership of existing pools may be viewed and/or edited by selecting the pencil icon beside the pool name. Select members from the available list.

Alternative method - Pool memberships of MT Pools and QA Pools are also displayed on the Transcriptionist Settings page in the lower right box. The selected user may be added or deleted from established MT Pools or QA Pools from this page as well.


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