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Can I require an expiration date be set on all Global Documents for a facility?

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How to require an expiration date for Global Documents?


InfraWare 360 allows users (in the Secure Web Portal or the IMC) to upload patient lists so MTs can have easy and immediate reference access in the ITC.  See KB337 for instructions on how to do this. When Global Documents are saved to the platform they are usually given a name that allows for easy identification, such as "Pt List 11-08-11". Even with easy identification, with many clients adding Global Documents daily this list can become unmanageable and it may be difficult for MTs to find what they need.


InfraWare 360 solves this problem by allowing the user who is posting a Global Document to set an expiration date when it will seamlessly drop off the system. Usually 5 - 7 days is an appropriate time for a patient list to be available. Additionally, there is a facility setting that turns this OPTIONAL feature into a MANDATORY one, thus requiring that the expiration be set in order to post each Global Document. This prevents old and irrelevant patient lists from lingering on the system indefinitely.

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