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How can I change the number of spaces that appear after a period in a First Draft?

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Setting Spacing After Periods in Draft Output

Accounts may have different standards for how many spaces should be placed after periods in a final document. To accommodate these differing standards, an Administrator can specify if one or two spaces should follow a period in a First Draft. On the Tuning sub-tab under First Draft in the IMC, simply select whether or not you would like one or two spaces following a period.  This setting is part of the Fast Start Edition tuning settings, so it is available to all customers using any edition of First Draft.

If your requirements vary from customer to customer, you can select an appropriate Account default for your more common requirement, and then change the setting on a per-Author basis. This setting not only applies to periods, but also question marks and exclamation points.


  • Once this setting is changed and saved it will not modify existing drafts for jobs already on the platform.  This setting change would be applied to new drafts dictated after you make the change.

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