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How can I automatically generate First Draft Fields in a template?

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First Draft Dictation Recognition is InfraWare's optional back-end speech recognition service.

In order to provide the highest quality First Drafts for your MTs, it is important to set the templates up with First Draft fields. To facilitate this, InfraWare has an automated process that can look for some of the most common headings in your template and add First Draft Regions for those headings. To run this process on a specific template, you can load the template in the ITE then navigate to Insert -> Generate First Draft Fields in the menu. The process will analyze the template and give you a good starting point for the locations and phrases for any First Draft Regions it detects.

Even if the automatic process succeeds in detecting some headings for your template, you will want to carefully review the results before saving it and thus marking it ready for First Draft. Make sure the First Draft Region fields are in the location that you want the speech recognition output to appear, and make sure the phrases listed match up with what your authors say to indicate they are dictating to that region. You may also need to add some regions that the automatic process missed. For more information on how to do this, and on First Draft Fields in general, please see KB 547. After editing the template, you will need to save it back to the platform like normal.

Another way to run this process, and to easily see which templates are First Draft enabled, is to navigate to the Authors sub tab under First Draft in the IMC. This will list your available authors and indicate which of them have First Draft enabled templates. By clicking on an Author, you’ll see a list of the Document Types he or she uses that can be run through First Draft. You can click on any of the templates listed for these Document Types to automatically start the ITE and load that template into it. When the template is loaded, you will be prompted to run the automated process to detect First Draft Regions. After making all the desired changes, you’ll need to save the template like normal.

Lastly, the automated process will only run on a template which does not currently have any First Draft Fields in it. If you would like to run the process on one of your templates, simply remove any existing First Draft fields and then run the process as described above.  Keep in mind that there is no downside to adding First Draft fields to an existing template.  When a template is used for non-First Draft work, the First Draft fields are completely inert.

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