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IDC Technical Overview

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IDC Technical Overview

The InfraWare Dictation Client (IDC) is a tool used by authors to upload their recorded files to the InfraWare platform.  Authors can also utilize this tool to record their dictations directly into the platform through the use of a microphone.

IDC users can rest assured that the IDC software meets and exceeds HIPAA regulations as they enjoy the security and reliability of a top-tier datacenter for contained, controlled communications. Acess to PHI is password protected and role-based.

Like most InfraWare applications, the IDC is built primarily using Microsoft tools. Specifically, any computer running the IDC locally requires Microsoft .Net Framework or newer and Microsoft SQL Compact 3.5 or newer. Installation of the IDC is managed using Microsoft ClickOnce depoyment technology for installation. During the setup of the IDC, the ClickOnce deployment software will check the local machine to see if the software requirements are met and will attempt to install any missing components before installing the InfraWare Dictation Client (IDC) software. 

Software requirements:

  • Supported default web browser - Internet Explorer (to use other browsers with the InfraWare platform, please refer to the following KB articles - Edge KB1000, Firefox KB901, Chrome KB740)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 or newer

Computer Requirements:

  Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 8 (as of 01/14/2020) Windows 10
RAM Memory 1GB 3+GB
Free Disk Space 5GB 20GB


Installation Requirements:  

  • Be sure your computer is healthy
    • Run Windows Update to get the latest updates from Microsoft.
  • Be sure you have Windows Administrator User rights on your computer
    • This is required for installation of IDC prerequisites.
  • Be sure you log in as the Windows User who will be using the IDC on that computer. 
  • Recommended (during installation only): 
    • Turn off Windows Firewall,
    • Turn off Anti-virus/Anti-spyware software during installation. 
  • Internet Explorer must be the default web browser for the computer during the time of installation. 
    • The web-based installer launches more than one browser window, and the installation will only succeed if the system launches those windows in IE. 
    • If you use Netscape, Opera, Firefox or another browser, you need to set IE back to your default browser for the installation to work properly.  Depending on your version of Windows and IE, this is done by going to Control Panel and either Internet Options or Add/Remove Programs.  The newer way under Add/Remove Programs is in a new section called Set Program Access and Defaults. 
  • .Net Framework 4.0 Service Pack 1 or higher.  
    • IDC will check your computer for this and attempt to install if it is not found.
    • Installation of .Net Framework 4.0 Service Pack 1 or higher requires Windows Administrative rights on your computer. 
    • Installation is only required once per computer.  You can also install this from the following link
  • Microsoft SQL Compact
    • IDC will check your machine for SQL Compact and attempt to install if not found.
    • Installation of SQL Compact requires Administrative rights on the machine.
    • Installation is only required once per computer.   You can also install this from the following link.



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