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How do I Change User Settings in the ITC?

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User Settings in the ITC


The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) allows you to customize the default behavior of the program to meet your needs. The User Settings page allows you to set default values for many settings.


To change your preferences in the General User Settings screen, just follow the quick, easy steps below: 

  • From the ITC Main Window:  Select the Settings menu ⇒ User Settings option Edit User Settings or Keyboard Shortcut F10.
  • From the Editor:  Select the Tools menu Options User Settings

From the General tab, you will be able to:

  • Defaults: 
    • Change the number of Dictations that you are able to download at one time: See KB95 for details.
    • Display Time format
    • Display Author External ID
    • Change the Audible alerts for STAT and Urgent Jobs. See KB481 for details.
    • Set the default starting worker status for when you first login to the ITC
    • Set the default Job card range
    • Set System Tone volume
  • Playback Settings including
    • Synchronization of audio to text (KB97)
    • Playback speed, volume, pitch, and amplification
    • FF/REW Speed (KB982)
    • Change the number of seconds that you would like to rewind when the play button is released when transcribing
    • Change the number of words that you would like to rewind when the play button is released when editing First Draft

Select the Editor Tab to set your preferences for the ITC Editor:


  • General Settings:
    • Select Placeholder options.  See KB94
    • Select the Autosave interval in seconds to autosave the job while you transcribe. See KB205 for details.
    • Select the Zoom factor to increase/decrease the size of the text in the ITC Editor window. See KB483 for details.
    • Hide other windows when open:  See KB484 for details.
    • Customize background color:   See KB723 for details.
  • Auto-Capitalization:  See KB310 for details.
  • Auto-detect heading formats:  See KB486 for details.
  • Prevent leading space following word wrap to a new line: See KB485 for details.
  • Display Control Characters: See KB487 for details.
  • Auto-filter Address Book by Facility:  See KB488 for details.
  • Auto-open Next Job: See KB702 for details.

For the Quick-type Tab settings, see KB55

For the Quick-text Tab settings, see KB185

To import word expander lists to Quick-Type and Quick-Text see KB74


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