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How long are transcribed reports stored on the InfraWare 360 platform?

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Data Retention Policy - Transcribed Documents

InfraWare 360 is first and foremost, a "production" platform.  When dictations are transcribed, the resulting documents can be pushed out to appropriate parties via the Document Delivery System DDS and are available to be pulled (downloaded, printed) from the Secure Web Portal.  This document describes how documents are stored post-production. 

As a safety net, InfraWare provides long term storage of these transcribed reports on a best-effort basis for customers in good standing.  Current policy, which is subject to change at InfraWare's discretion, is that reports are retained in production for 2 years.  After that, jobs are moved into an archive status and saved for at least eight years.  The only exception to this policy would be in a situation where a customer has requested a different retention threshold. 

For the retention policy for audio files, please see KB565.

NoteThis document describes the intent of InfraWare operations for customers in good standing.  InfraWare's responsibility for storage is governed by our customer's Master Service Agreement (MSA) and InfraWare's interpretation of compliance regulations.

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