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How do I define how and where an image appears in a template?

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Setting up the Image Attributes in a Template Using the ITE


The ITE is a very powerful tool. One of the advanced features available in the ITE is to set the attributes for an inserted image in a document.


The following screenshot is the window that comes up when you go to Format --> Image in the ITE:

Wrapping Style

In Line with Text - This will allow you to have an image with the text wrapping around the image. If you insert text above the image, the image will be pushed down in the document.

Top and Bottom - This will allow you to have an image with no text to the left or right of the image. You can have text above and below the image. If you insert text in the text located above the image, the image will be pushed down in the document.

Square - This will allow you to insert an image at any point in the document. When you click on the Square option, the features available below the wrapping style box is turned on allow you to edit lots of information.  One use of the Square wrapping style would be a vertical header. You can set the Position to have a "Fixed Position on a particular page" as well as tell the ITE that you want the vertical header to be on the left, center or right of the document (through horizontal alignment). 

Please Note: When utilizing the Fixed Position on Page setting (found under square section above), the images will not print out in the Word versions of the final document. They will only print out using the PDF version or printing via the Online Editor Print.

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