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How can I influence First Draft to capitalize and hyphenate certain words?

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Capitalization and Hyphenation Settings for First Draft


First Draft seeks to eliminate the number of keystrokes needed so that you can edit documents as efficiently as possible. Even when recognition accuracy is perfect, the words display may not be in the form needed for a finished report.  Adding hyphenation between words and capitalizing words usually takes a few extra keystrokes that have to be made consistently across reports.   In order to reduce the need for these edits, First Draft studies past documents to figure out which words your authors want hyphenated and any special capitalization requirements words in your documents may have.  This includes medication names and proper names, but not capitalization due to punctuation.

The threshold for whether or not a word should be hyphenated or capitalized is variable. It can be adjusted under the Professional Setting of the First Draft tuning page in the IMC.

Simply adjust the slider to select the threshold desired.  Like other First Draft settings, this can be done for your entire Account, and it can also be adjusted for a specific Facility or a specific Author.  The InfraWare default is that a word has to show up hyphenated or capitalized a certain way 70% of the time for that to be considered the standard for newly recognized documents. For instance, if First Draft analyzes your documents and finds that “right-hand” appears 8 times and “right hand” appears 3 times, then First Draft will put a hyphen between the words as long as the hyphenation threshold is at 80% or less. If the hyphenation threshold is at 90%, then it will appear as “right hand.” The same is true for capitalization.

Setting the threshold very high (such as 95%) for capitalization and hyphenation will require a very strong case to capitalize a word. For many words, such as Vicodin, this probably won’t matter – they would be capitalized 100% of the time. The same goes with hyphenation and words like “x-ray.” However there will always be some words where different reports have different hyphenation or capitalization. Setting the threshold high can make sure you don’t get any false positives, but it will also not allow much room for potential mistakes by your MTs. In general, it is a good idea to only change the capitalization and hyphenation thresholds if you are having problems in those areas with unexpected output.


  • Once this setting is changed and saved it will not modify existing drafts for jobs already on the platform.  This setting change would be applied to new drafts dictated after you make the change.

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