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Can a First Draft be discarded by an MT editor?

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Discard Draft Option Explained


The ITC supports a feature to discard First Draft results in the event that they are not suitable for editing.  It is not recommended that the draft be manually deleted.

The feature to discard First Drafts should be used judiciously.  If certain authors or work types are not generating First Drafts that are effective, or if a suitable editor is not available for a period of time, it is better for an Administrator to disable First Draft in those circumstances.  See KB415 for how to do that.

When the draft is discarded this information is stored for tracking purposes.  See KB737 for details on the Drafts Discarded Report.


  • To do so, the MT editor should press Alt + D or select Discard First Draft from the File menu:
  • A window will open with a drop-down list of reasons for Discard (Impostor, Extensive Normal, Poor draft, Technical issues, Not given), for analysis.  Default is Not Given.  Typing the first letter of the reason will move focus to that selection on the list.  Enter comments in the text box.  Alt + D will complete the Discard action.  Alt + N will Cancel the Discard operation. 
  • The draft text will be removed from the ITC Editor.  Proceed with transcribing the report.


  • This action is logged for analysis by an administrator using the First Draft Discard Report.  See KB737 for details.
  • Choosing the Technical Issues option does not automatically open a support ticket or notify anyone.  Please contact your Admin for any technical issues experienced in the ITC.



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