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How can I copy Saved Searches to other Users?

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Method to Copy Saved Searches to Another User


In this guide, you will learn how copy from your Saved Search list to another User's saved search list.

You will need the following before you begin:

  • An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC.

This can be accomplished by the following steps:


  •     Log in to the IMC at www.InfraWare.com/IMC.
  •     Select the Saved Searches on the Queue tab.
  •     Click on Admin Options.
  •     Click on Copy Saved Searches.
  •     Choose the saved search you want to copy from the "Select your saved search" option.
  •     Choose the users that you want to have the saved search by clicking on their name and pressing the "add" button.
  •     Place a name for the saved search in the "Name of search once copied:" box.
  •     Press Copy.

The user will now have your saved search with the name you gave it in the "Name of search once copied:" box.


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