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How do I send a Secure Email Delivery from the ITC?

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Secure Email Delivery On Demand Explained


Secure Email Deliveries can be generated on-demand via the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC).  This is often helpful for ad hoc deliveries where no permanent Delivery Plan has been established.


Steps to complete

    • From the ITC editor, open the address book by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B or by clicking the toolbar
    • On the address book form, highlight an address book entry and then press Ctrl + S or click the 'New email' button.

    • Entry with eMail:  If the selected address book entry contained an email address this value will be pre-populated.  Press ENTER or click on 'Next'.
      • The platform user's information will next be displayed for confirmation.  Press ENTER or click on 'Create'. 
    • Entry without eMail:  If there is no eMail Address for the selected entry the form will be blank.  Enter the eMail Address and then press ENTER or click on 'Next'.
      • If the email address was not located on the platform then the First Time EMail recipient form will display.  First and Last Name are required.  The fields will be pre-populated with the information from your selected address book entry.  Press ENTER or click on 'Create'.   (Note: This information will be confirmed by the target user during registration.)
    • Success message will display.  Press ENTER or click on 'OK'.

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