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Does InfraWare support Mac/Macintosh computers?

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InfraWare designs programs for the Microsoft Windows operating system.  Over recent years, Apple Macintosh systems have gained popularity and, with the addition of Intel processors, have become more Windows-friendly, allowing Apple computers to run the Windows operating system, using Bootcamp or software such as Parallels to create a Windows virtual machine. 

InfraWare has tested and approved the virtualization technology known as Parallels (see Parallels.com) with a copy of Windows running within Parallels.  The limitation is that InfraWare continues to develop on Windows (not the Mac OS), and our support personnel has limited experience dealing with Mac computers.  When a Mac is not running properly, the customer will require assistance from an Apple Genius. InfraWare finds the programs to work fine in a healthy environment but will not be able to help troubleshoot problematic environments when those issues reach beyond the common Windows configuration.

The Online Editor used for eSign and QA in the IMC and Secure Portal depends on the web browser's ability to run .application files.  When running Parallels in Coherence mode (where applications appear on the Mac desktop instead of confined to the Windows desktop), there might be a temptation to use Safari or another browser on the Mac.  That will not work because those browsers do not know how to run .application files.  If you run Internet Explorer, the Online Editor should load fine.  IE only runs on Windows, and it understands .application files.  Firefox for Windows (running in Parallels and with all the right plug-ins) has been tested to work, but Firefox for Mac will not work.

Minimum requirements: Within the Windows installation itself, all the minimum requirements are the same as for a Windows machine.  For the Mac computer, refer to the requirements for Parallels at Parallels.com.


  • This article addresses Apple's Macintosh systems.  Support for Apple's iPhone and iPad are completely separate topics and fall under InfraWare Mobile, a native application built for the iOS operating system on these devices.
  • One limitation is that software updates do not work when using Parallels in Coherence mode with the ITC/IDC launch icon pinned to the Dock or Launchpad.  The ITC/IDC should be launched from the installed menu rather than adding to the Mac OS Desktop.

Here is a screenshot of the IMC and Online Editor running on a MacBook:

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