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How do I manage Author Schedules?

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Managing Author Schedules

The Author Schedule provides a means for Authors to keep track of all dictations that need to be done via the InfraWare Dictation Client and InfraWare Dictation mobile applications.


The author schedules are set up via the Secure Web Portal.  They can be created by the Authors themselves or by any other authorized facility user (typically a Facility Administrator).  Access to this feature in the Secure Web Portal is controlled by the account administrator using "tab visibility".  Administrators can also manage the schedule via the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).

Author Schedules are located in the "Delivery" tab, "Author Schedules" sub-tab.  Here you will see existing schedule entries that can be filtered by Facility, Author, Start and End date, and whether or not to display complete appointments (ones that have already been dictated against).  Clicking the Display button will show your search results.


From the list of appointments, you can edit or delete existing appointments or create new ones. 

  • Create New Appointments:  To create a new appointment, click the "New Appointment" button. 
    • For each appointment you can specify a date and time, the patient, the document category and type, whether or not the dictation for the appointment should be considered STAT, and any miscellaneous notes in the Notes section. 

      • Patients are chosen from ADT records that are associated with the facility for which you are creating appointments.  You have the option to choose an existing ADT record or to create a new one and associate it with the new appointment.
        • Choose Existing» - A popup will load which will allow you to search for ADT records.
        • Create New» A popup will load with available ADT attributes to create a new ADT record associated with this Appointment.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen when you are done.
  • The New Appointment window will load so you may enter additional appointments and a success message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Click Back to go back to the Author Schedules sub-tab.

  • Delete/Edit Entries: 
    • Delete:  To delete an appointment click the Delete link on the listing next to that appointment on the listing.  You will be prompted with a popup to confirm deletion.  This cannot be undone.
    • Edit:  To edit an appointment click on the Edit link next to that on the listing.  The Update Appointment window will open.  Make any needed changes and then click Save when you are done.

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