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How do I set up optional template text in the InfraWare Template Editor?

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Setting Up Optional Template Text

InfraWare 360 supports optional template text with the “Optional Template Text” (OTT) template field in the InfraWare Template Editor. 


OTT fields are recommended to solve two scenarios:

  • Optional Text - You wish to exclude template text from billing or pay for a facility using templates that contain one or more headings or text segments that are removed during transcription if they are unneeded.  This will cause the OTT Fields to only be included in the template metric count if they are utilized during transcription.
  • Protected Characters - You wish to identify headings or text segments that you would like to be able to toggle on/off for billing and pay.  This option is exposed under the Billing / Pay models in the IMC.

Inserting into Templates

  • To insert a new OTT field, launch InfraWare Template Editor 2011 and select the ‘Optional Template Text’ option:

  • This will insert a new template field:

  • You can then type your optional text into the field as shown below:

Modifying Existing Templates

  • For existing templates, you can convert existing text to an OTT field by first highlighting the text in the InfraWare Template Editor:

  •  Next you can invoke the Optional Template Text option in the ITE:


  • This will convert the selected text into an Optional Template Text field:

Billing & Pay Implications

When billing and pay computations are performed and template text is defined to be excluded with the billing and/or pay model, the platform finds the appropriate character count by subtracting the characters in the template from those in the finished document.

After text has been marked as optional, it will no longer be counted as part of the template text character count if it is removed during the production process. 

In addition, only "optional template text" can be "protected" from billing or pay.  This only applies if the billing and/or pay model specifies to exclude template text, and it only applies to optional text that is not deleted during production.  For example, in some scenarios, an MTSO might determine that they are eligible to bill their customer for certain template text but not required to pay their MTs for such text.  In this case, and when excluding (subtracting) template text from the billing metrics of the final document, the MTSO would want to reduce the size of the template by the volume of optional text (thereby increasing the overall billing text count to the allowable amount.)  On the other hand, when computing pay, the MTSO would setup the model to count as part of the template text (increasing the size of the template count and decreasing the payable characters).


  • The OTT field only supports static text and therefore cannot contain any additional template fields.
  • Optional Template Text field content can only be modified during transcription/QA in ITC Beta version and later. 
    • ITC Production version will not allow modification of Optional Template Text field content.

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