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How does First Draft interpret frequently used commands in dictation?

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First Draft and Frequently Used Commands in Dictation


InfraWare's First Draft Dictation Recognition system (speech recognition) is an optional piece of the InfraWare 360 platform. This article outlines how different spoken dictation commands are interpreted by First Draft.


Formatting and Spacing

When you say any of the below phrases, we will insert a period (if needed), one blank line, then start the next line with a capital.

  • new paragraph
  • next paragraph
  • new line
  • next line
  • next heading
  • next section

Basic Punctuation

The following is a list of what you can say to get the system to output a period - "."

  • period
  • stop

The following will output "!"

  • exclamation mark
  • exclamation point

The dictator can also say "comma" and "colon" to output the appropriate punctuation

Other Symbols

  • You can say "quote" and "end quote" to start and end quotation marks
  • You can say "over" or "slash" to output "/"
  • You can say "times" or "by" to output "x"
  • You can say "plus" or "percent" after a number to output "+" or "%" respectively.
  • You can say "open paren" "open parenthesis" "in parentheses" to ouptut "("
  • You can say "close paren" "close parenthesis" or "end parentheses" to output ")"


In general, the dictator should try to say numbers naturally, for instance "one thousand two hundred and thirty four" for 1234.

Fractions such as "1/2" can be output by just saying "one half" or "half"

Long numbers can be spelled out as a series of digits, like "one two three four" for 1234.

First Draft recognizes a variety of ways to dictate dates. For the best results, dictate the date the way you want it to be output. For instance, for "January 4th 1970" you should say "January fourth nineteen seventy" and for "1/4/1970" say "one four nineteen seventy"


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