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How can I see the versions of a document?

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Looking at the Versions of a Document

As a job is worked on the InfraWare 360 platform, it might go through a few different revisions. For example an MT might open the job partially type it for version 1. Next a second MT will open the job and finish it up for version 2. Next a QA Clerk will open the job and make a few adjustments for version 3. Finally, the author might open the job during the eSign-off process, make a few adjustments and then eSign the document for version 4. 


In order to take a look at each of these versions, an admin can use the following steps in the IMC:

  • Select  Queue tab.
  • Single click on a job number which will pull up the job properties.
  • Click on the heading that says "View Completion Information".
  • Scroll down to document revisions area.
  • At this point you can look at each version of the document in Word, PDF and RTF formats.

Also available are the Metrics for the job. With the Metrics, you can see the various calculations that have been made on the job that will be used for pay/billing purposes. Pay is based on the metrics at the time the MT closes out of the job. For the scenario found above, if the version 1 metrics shows a character count of 1000 and the version 2 metrics show a character count of 1050, the first MT will be paid for 1000 characters and the second MT will be paid for 50 characters (the difference from first version and second version).

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