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How does a platform user receive secure email?

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Secure Email for a Platform User

For non-platform users, they will retrieve their secure email documents via the secure email portal. For a platform user though, they will simply retrieve their documents via the Web Portal.  When a secure email is sent to a platform user, they will receive an email similar to the one in the following image:


When the platform user receives the email, they can simply press either of the links that are labeled with the red arrows in the provided image.  Once they press the links, they will be taken to the Web Portal where they will enter their username/password credentials. The following image shows the secure email area of the Web Portal (a user can also get to this spot by going into the Web Portal --> Choose the Reports tab --> Choose Secure Email) :

Once in the Secure email area, the user will simply check the boxes next to those jobs that they want to download and then press the Download button located above the list of jobs. They will receive a pop-up box that will allow them download the jobs in a Word, RTF or PDF format. Upon choosing their desired format and pressing Download, the job will be downloaded to the local computer of the user. They can open the file or save it to their local computer.

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