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What settings are available for InfraWare Mobile for iOS and how do I find them?

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InfraWare Mobile for iOS Settings

There are a few customizable settings for InfraWare Mobile that can be configured. To see your settings, launch the “Settings” app from your iOS home screen.  The settings for the different applications you have installed on your iOS device are listed near the bottom.   Tap on the icon for “InfraWare”.

  • Auto-start Record - controls whether or not recording begins as soon as the dictation screen is launched.
  • Wi-Fi uploads Only – If this setting is “ON”, dictations will only be uploaded to the InfraWare 360 platform if a Wi-Fi connection is in place. This option might be used if a user is concerned about going over a data limit imposed by their wireless carrier.
  • Prompt on Submit - This option controls whether or not a prompt will be given before submitting an audio file.
  • Show Schedule Times – This option controls whether or not appointment times are shown for schedule entries. Some users prefer to just see the date of the entry.





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