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Do you have a keyboard overlay that can be used for the ITC?

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Keyboard Overlay for Function Keys in the ITC

The bottom of the ITC contains a function panel which will give the transcriptionist access to many different tools available to them. For some users with small screen size, they will close out this panel in order to open up screen real estate size. This can be closed via the View --> Function Panel option in the ITC or by use of the (F11) key.  When users have the function panel closed, they can still press the function keys to open the function panel and then press that same key again to close the panel. One way to make this easier is through a keyboard template. One such template, which can be opened in Microsoft Word, can be found at the bottom of this article. This overlay can be printed out and then placed on the keyboard for ease of use.


InfraWareKeyboardOverlay.doc (27.1Kb)

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