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How can I mark a job complete in the ITC?

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Marking Jobs Complete

When working jobs in the ITC (whether performing, transcription, editing or QA) the process involves marking each job complete after your workflow step is performed.  This doesn't mean the job is necessarily literally complete.  It just means your workflow step is complete.  The platform will decide whether to route the job to others based on workflow rules established by your Administrator.

The easiest way to mark a job complete is to do so from the ITC Editor.  There are three actions you can take:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift +S while in the ITC Editor
  2. Click the Mark Complete button on the ITC Editor button bar.
  3. Click Mark Complete from the File menu in the ITC Editor window.

Based on workflow settings established by your Administrator, some final steps might be required.  Those can include a mandatory spell check and/or prompting with a Document Specification question to ensure compliance with a requirement.

Confirm completion of this workflow step by hitting Enter or Clicking Yes.


Note: If a job is saved and closed from the ITC Editor, it can also be marked complete from the ITC Main Window where jobs are listed.  There is a prominent Mark Complete button on that window's toolbar.  Simply select the appropriate job from the list and click that button or use the keystroke Ctrl + C.

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