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Using InfraWare Documentation & the Table of Contents

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How to Use the InfraWare Documentation Portal

To explore InfraWare Documentation by topic, navigate your web browser to www.infraware.com/TOC. This site provides two methods for accessing information in our Knowledgebase (KB):

  • A structured method using a Table of Contents

  • An ad hoc method using Search

The image below shows the documentation site main page and highlights some key features:


Structured Method / Table of Contents (TOC)

  • Navigating Topics - In the left pane, the Table of Contents is structured based on topic. There are two types of TOC entries – group headings used for navigation and KB topics corresponding to knowledgebase articles.

    Group headings (i.e. any topic with a “+” or “–“ to the left) can be expanded to more detailed levels by clicking the associated plus (+) or by clicking the Expand All link at the top right of the list to expand all topics and sub-topics at once.

    In the image above, “Administration” and “Facility Management” have been expanded, and “Security Policy” has been selected. Clicking the (-) would collapse the associated topic.
  • Selecting Articles - Navigate through the group headings until you find a KB topic of interest and then click on topic to display the associated KB article the right pane.

Ad Hoc Method / Search

  • Search By Keywords - To perform a direct ad hoc search of our knowledgebase for a topic such as a system feature, enter the feature or similar keywords into the text box in the upper right corner of the InfraWare Documentation portal and click the “Search” button to the right of the box. This will return a list of links to KB articles that are about or contain references to the search words

    At the bottom of each KB article, you will find a list of keywords (tags) assigned to the article. Keywords are intended to improve search results by allowing a user to search for key terms instead of specifying a question. For example, if you’d like to find the default keypad layout for the Telephone Dictation System, a search of “TDS keypad” would be located in the keywords for KB265 and would be more effective than a search posed as a question (e.g., “what do the dictation keys do?”).
  • Search By Phrases - Phrases can be specified by placing the search in quotation marks.  This is a often most useful if you remember a specific phrase from an article.  For example, a search for the phrase "return to server" would first return articles containing that specific phrase, as opposed to those articles that happen to contain the words making up the phrase.
  • Search By Article ID - Each article is assigned a unique ID in the form of KB9999 where 9999 is the article number and can be one to four digits long. To find a KB article by its ID, simply search for it in that format. Example: searching for "KB635" will located this article. Many customers memorize the ID numbers of heavily used articles over time and this search feature provides a fast access path.

Knowledge Base Tips

  • Related KBs - The Related KBs section at the bottom of a knowledgebase article will display a list of knowledgebase articles that are related to the topic being covered in the current knowledgebase article. For example, if you are viewing a knowledgebase article detailing a specific Billing Model setting, then a Related KB link for an overview of Billing Models may be presented to you.
  • Direct Links - Each article also has a unique URL that can be provided to others (in email correspondence, for example). That URL is located near the bottom of the article under the heading "Direct Link to this KB". The direct link for this particular article is http://www.infraware.com/KB/afmviewfaq.aspx?faqid=635

Note: This site has been designed to serve as a quick reference for trained users, primarily administrators, who posses strong baseline knowledge.  If you are new to the InfraWare 360 platform, structured training is highly recommended.

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