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What is the account setting Auto-Return Jobs to Server when ITC is Closed?

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Auto-Return Jobs to Server when ITC is Closed

This setting allows an administrator to determine if the ITC should automatically return any checked out jobs to server when it is closed. 


  • Click the Administration tab ⇒ Facilities sub-tab.
  • Click the Edit Account button, then navigate down to the Transcription box):

  • When enabled, before the ITC closes, it will check to see if any jobs are currently downloaded.  If any jobs are located, then the MT will be asked to verify that they would like to proceed with automatically returning the downloaded jobs to server.  If any of the downloaded jobs have been modified (e.g., partially transcribed, or modified) then the ITC will not automatically return any jobs to server and will instead notify the MT that the modified jobs will need to be saved or returned to server manually.


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