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How can I see an overview of my turn around time?

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TAT Report


In the transcription world, turn-around time can be very important. Therefore, the InfraWare 360 platform offers a few different versions of a Turn-around-time report to help administrators properly manage their business.

When you first pull up the TAT report, you will be shown the Summary TAT report. This report will give basic TAT information. You can also access the "Summary with Line Count" TAT report. This report will give much more information including the number of lines In & Out of TAT by facility.


  • An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC.


  • Log into the IMC using your Administrator username and password.
  • Click the Reports tab ⇒ TAT sub-tab.

Options Include:

  • Account
  • Facility
  • Start Date, and End Date
  • Time Zone
  • Date to Filter By
  • Report Type
    • Summary Report
    • Summary with Line Count
  • Filter Author
  • Filter Document Category
  • Filter Document Type
  • Group By
  • Display External ID's
  • Expand Facility - Only available when Report Type = Summary Report
  • Expand Doc Category - Only available when Report Type = Summary Report
  • Expand Doc Type - Only available when Report Type = Summary Report
  • Expand Segment Summary - Only available when Report Type = Summary Report
  • Billing Model - Only available when Report Type = Summary with Line Count
  • After selecting options, select "Display Report" to view report results.

The image below shows the report criteria you can enter when running the summary report. Please pay particular attention to the drop down box titled: Report type. This is the place where you can choose which version of the report you want to see.

Note: Administrators can also expose this same report to Secure Web Portal users via Tab Visibility.  Secure Web Portal users will only be able to run the TAT report for the facilities designated through Tab Visibility.  They will also be limited to running the 'Summary with Line Count' report version with the default billing model assigned to the facility, unlike the IMC, where any billing model could be specified.

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