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What is the Consider billable jobs as Complete for Queue Stats option in the IMC user preferences?

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Consider Billable Jobs as Complete for Queue Stats


The "Consider Billable Jobs as Complete for Queue Stats" setting on the IMC User preferences page is used to set what type of data will be shown in the "Incomplete" stats information area found in the top right area of the IMC Admin Queue Page (see following image):


By default, the stats information will show all jobs that have not reached a complete status yet. For many users, they only want to see what work they need to still complete. For example, they do not want to see information on jobs that are sitting in a eSign-pending status. If the "Consider Billable Jobs as Complete for Queue Stats" is checked, the stats will show for jobs that are previous to the status shown in the "Job Status at which to Bill" setting on the facility settings page ( KB162 ).


The following steps show how to set this value:

  • Click on the Tasks tab.
  • Click on "Change my preferences".
  • Click on the down arrow next to "Consider Billable Jobs as Complete for Queue Stats" to adjust setting.
  • Click on the "Save Preferences" button to save changes. 

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