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What is the Transcription Production Rate in the IMC?

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Transcription Production Rate Explained


Transcription Production Rate for a Transcription User is available in the IMC on the Transcriptionist Settings page, Pay Rules section.  This value is a weighted average computed using the default pay model (or tiered model) assigned to the MT at the time the data was updated.  The numbers also include any split jobs the MT may have worked.  By default this value will be calculated and updated once every month when there are at least 100 jobs available for an author/document type combination.  This frequency can be managed by an Administrator by clicking on the Details link.  Details of transcription production rate for each author/document type combination can be viewed by clicking on the "Details" link. 

You will need the following before you begin:

  • An administrator login ID and password for the IMC


  • Login to the IMC using your Administrator username and password.
  • Select the Users sub-tab on the Administration tab.
  • Select a user and click on the MT pencil icon to access Transcriptionist settings for that User.
  • On the User ⇒ Transcriptionist Settings page, scroll down to the Pay Rules section.  Here you will find the Transcriptionist Production Rate listed for the value obtained using the Pay Model assigned to that MT. Below that is a value obtained using a 65-character line.  Click on Details to see detailed productivity date by Author/Document Type and to manage the frequency at which this data will be refreshed.

    • On the MT Production Rates window you will see LPH for each Author/Document Type combination on which the MT has transcribed.  The Last Updated column displays the date of the last update of this data for this Transcriptionist.
    • The options for updating this data include frequency of "month" and "week" and the new jobs options include "50", "100", and "200".  Default values are "month" and "100".
    • Click Close to close this window and save any changes made.

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