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How to import and export word expander lists

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How to Import and Export Word Expander Lists


The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) includes a basic word expander feature. 


  • The list of abbreviations and replacements can be managed by using Keystroke F10 or clicking Settings ⇒ User Settings on the menu of the ITC's main window. 
  • Click the Quick Type tab.

  • Import: On this screen, you can manually enter words or retrieve them from a file.  Options include:
    • QTB - When you back-up the Quick Type word expander list with the ITC (from this screen) it saves a qtb file that can be retrieved (from this screen) by any ITC user.  This is helpful for both backup/restore as well as sharing functionality. See Export instructions below for more details.
    • Word - If on the computer with the ITC, you have used the Autocorrect feature in Microsoft Word, the ITC can retrieve that list directly from Word.
    • Excel/CSV - If you have a list in some other format that you would like to import to the ITC, simply put that list in Microsoft Excel. 
      • Put the shortcut in column A and the extended version in column B as shown:

      • Save:  After keying or pasting your list, save the Excel file as a CSV file. 
        • Choose FileSave As from the menu. 
        • Below the place to type the file name, scroll down to select Comma-delimited (CSV) as a file type.  Note: If Excel prompts you about formatting concerns, choose to proceed. 
        • Close the file, but do NOT save changes.

      • Retrieve: 
        • In the ITC, on the Quick Type tab of User Settings:
        • Click Retrieve from File and choose the option to retrieve from a CSV file. 
        • Browse to the file you created with Excel and select it. 
        • Your entries will populate.  
        • Click the Save button.
  • Export:  User Settings are automatically backed up to the InfraWare 360 Platform every time you Save them. In addition, you can Save/Export your expander file by going to the Quick Type tab of the User Settings.
    • Click on Save to File.
    • Choose the file location (My Documents, external drive, etc.).
    • Type a File Name and click Save.

Note: Don't confuse similar but different features on the InfraWare 360 platform.  This applies to the word expander.  Sometimes, transcriptionists use a word expander for normals, but InfraWare has a separate, powerful implementation of normals.  Quick Type (word expander) entries don't support formatting or long blocks of text.  Normals (managed in the IMC) support both.  In addition, the ITC also has a second word expander option called Quick Text that is analogous to the Auto Text feature in MS Word.  See KB185 for details on Quick Text.

Please click on the link below to view a demonstration of the steps listed above.

Retrieve from MS Word 2:14

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