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What is the InfraWare Mobile Drafts page?

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InfraWare Mobile Drafts Page Explained


The InfraWare Mobile Drafts page allows Administrators to see jobs detected in the drafts folder on InfraWare Mobile devices running InfraWare Mobile version 6.1 or later.


  • Admin login for the IMC.
  • Only draft data for InfraWare mobile version 6.1 or later will be displayed. 


The InfraWare Mobile Drafts page is located under the Reports Tab, InfraWare Mobile sub-tab.


  • Filters:  Choose to filter options and click Display to show results.
    • Facility - Select the Facility for which you would like to see mobile drafts.
    • Authors - Once a Facility is selected, the option to select a specific Author from the drop-down menu will be available.
    • Folder - Filter to show InfraWare mobile dictations detected in a specific location on the User's mobile device.  Choose from All, Draft, Sending, Submitted, Trash Can, and Permanently Deleted.
    • Last Updated - Choose from the drop-down menu to filter results for dictations updated on the mobile device in the last 1, 5, 15, 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Status column:
    • Draft - Dictation started but has not been uploaded. Dictation is still on the device.
    • Trash Can - Job was deleted on the device. Can be restored (within 30 days) by going to trash can and restored from the same device/installation.
    • Submitted - The job has been completely sent to the platform from the device and has a job number associated with it.
    • Deleted - The job has been sent to trash can on the device and then deleted from there.
    • Permanently Deleted - The job has been sent to the trash and permanently deleted from the trash.
  • Subject: The Subject column will reflect the subject ID if entered at the time of dictation in InfraWare Mobile.  Otherwise it will be blank.
    • Recovered:  This is an indication that something occurred on the InfraWare Mobile app.  When the author logged into the app the next time, the app automatically recovered the job.
  • Details - Click the Details link to display details of the corresponding draft.  A new window will open showing available details.


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