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What does each delivery status mean?

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Delivery Status Legend



From the time each dictation enters the InfraWare 360 Platform until the time it reaches delivery, a status is maintained for each job.  This job status is searchable by platform administrators (in the Queue) and is used to determine workflow routing.  See KB264 for details on these job statuses.  Once a job reaches delivery, there are multiple statuses within the delivery workflow. 


Only a handful of delivery statuses are common to see because many are for brief steps and others are not used, depending on the delivery plans.  See KB240 for details on setting up delivery plans.  The chart below lists job statuses and their meanings.

Status Description


 The Delivery Instruction is waiting for the job to be completed before executing
Sending  The job is in the process of sending to the destination
Success  The job has successfully been delivered to the destination
Failure  The Delivery Instruction could not be executed.  See the Audit Trail for more information
Deleted  The Delivery Instruction was manually deleted from the job
Ready to be sent  The Delivery Instruction is ready to be sent to the destination
Preparing document  The job is being converted into the appropriate format for sending to the destination
Waiting to retry  The Delivery Instruction is waiting to retry sending.  See KB752 for more information
Waiting for release  The Delivery Instruction is awaiting manual release. See KB153 for more information
Inactive (eSign-off bypassed)  The "Inactive (eSign-off bypassed)" status only applies to delivery instructions that are set to send at  the eSign-off Pending job status. An instruction is set to this status, instead of being processed and delivered, when the associated job doesn't go to eSign-off.

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