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To what extent is Direct Messaging supported in the platform today?

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InfraWare Direct Messaging Support Explained

If an Account on the InfraWare 360 Platform has the direct address of a provider, a Document Delivery System (DDS) destination can be set up using that address.  This DDS destination will behave the same as other destinations, in that you can choose the format of the completed jobs (PDF, DOC, RTF) and set up delivery plans.  The documents will come through as attachments to the Direct Message that InfraWare sends to the destination address.  

Structured Data with CDA is not required for Direct, but you could choose to delivery a CDA document via Direct Message.  The idea behind CDA is that you should no longer need an interface project.  Everything is very detailed, and the documentation specifies where everything should go.  See KB728 for details on CDA.

InfraWare is able to send to most major Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) without any issues.  In the event that a provider uses a small or regional HISP for direct messaging, extra steps may be required to establish trust.  Please contact support if you need to start this process.

For more information on Direct, please see this site:  www.directtrust.org/

Click the image below to see video of InfraWare at the HIMSS14 Interoperability Showcase. 

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