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How are failed deliveries handled?

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Handling of Failed Delivery Instructions


When a delivery instruction fails the platform will automatically retry to send the delivery instruction at specific intervals for each retry.  This article explains the details of those automatic retries.  


Fax delivery retries are handled by a faxing service which retries up to 5 times before a fax delivery is considered failed.  This is in addition to the DDS retries (i.e., there are 5 fax attempts for each DDS attempt).   Below you will find details on the number of retries and the interval at which the delivery instruction is attempted: 

Delivery Attempt Delay (hours)
1 None (immediate)
2 1
3 4
4 12
5 24

As part of the new Gen6 feature set, Alerts are now available to notify administrators of failed delivery instructions.  See KB123 for details.  For example, if we setup this alert to notify you after attempt # 3 fails, we could have a scenario like this:

1. Attempt delivery #1 at 1pm
2. Wait 1 hour
3. Attempt delivery #2 at 2pm
4. Wait 4 hours
5. Attempt delivery #3 at 6pm
6. Send alert on failure


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