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Why does Ctrl + Spacebar not work to toggle Synchronization on/off?

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Troubleshooting Synchronous Playback with Ctrl + Spacebar


Synchronous playback of audio and text is an advanced editing feature of the First Draft back-end speech recognition service. When used in the ITC, the text cursor automatically progresses through the text as audio playback occurs (controlled by pedals or keyboard) when the job is a First Draft Job.  This feature can be toggled (off and on) on the fly with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Spacebar, or by pressing the F12 key.  See KB97 for more details on this feature.

If this feature does not seem to be working when using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Spacebar, it could be because of a conflict with another program such as a third-party text expander.


  • When troubleshooting this function, first make sure you are in a First Draft job or a First Draft Practice job. This function only works with jobs using First Draft back-end speech recognition service.
  • The ITC supports use of third-party text expanders (SpeedType, Shorthand for Windows™, etc).  When troubleshooting keyboard shortcuts, look at other programs running at the same time and explore if they have functions for the same shortcut.  Some third-party text expanders include an option to insert a space without expanding the keyword using Ctrl + Spacebar. This feature can typically be toggled on and off by going into the program's Preferences. The example below shows how this option can be toggled on/off in SpeedType.  Turning off this option will free up that shortcut for use in the ITC with the Synchronous Playback feature.  The screenshot below is an example of this setting in a third-party text expander such as SpeedType:
    • A potential alternative to turning off this feature in the text expander would be to add a new Keyword with a different Shortcut to complete the function. For further details, see the Help section for the third-party text expander.


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