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What is the Editor Keyboard Shortcut Report?

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Editor Keyboard Shortcut Report


The Editor Keyboard Shortcut Report is available on the First Draft tab ⇒ Reporting sub-tab in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  The foundation for increasing productivity is minimizing use of the mouse with use of Keyboard Shortcuts.  This report provides insight into how an MT Editor is utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts and can assist in the mentoring process.


  • Administrator Login to the IMC.
  • Account must be using the First Draft feature set.
  • Keystroke logging with this level of detail requires ITC version or newer.


The chosen parameters are displayed at the top of the output results.  The date of the report and the number of jobs are also displayed on the report itself.

  • Category: Keyboard Shortcuts on this report are divided into four basic categories:
    • Navigation - Shortcuts for navigating through a document.
    • Editing - Shortcuts for selecting text, deleting text, adding/removing punctuation, etc..
    • Formatting - Shortcuts which are specific to formatting (bold, italics, underline, changing case, etc.).
    • Audio - Shortcuts for adjusting audio speed and changing synchronization options.  See KB97 for details on the Synchronization feature.
  • Action: When each category is expanded by clicking on the plus sign
  • Keyboard Shortcut:  The Keyboard Shortcut assigned to each Action identified in this report.
  • Gross #:  The values represent a ration of how many times each certain keystroke combination is used per unit of transcription produced.  
  • Indicator: This column normalizes the gross number of times a Keyboard Shortcut was used by the amount of work performed.  For example, "Select Word To Left" is a raw count of the number of times that keystroke is used.  When comparing two different weeks when different volumes of work have been performed, that raw count will vary based on volume.  The Indicator, however, will accurately reflect the amount that keystroke is used per line of editing.


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