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What is the difference between a Global Document with a patient schedule and the Author Schedule?

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Patient Lists versus Author Schedules


In many instances, a Facility needs to provide demographic information in some form so that jobs can be accurately populated with patient information.  The most common method of this communication is through the sending of patient lists.  These lists can either be faxed to the MTSO, or they can be uploaded directly to the Secure Web Portal via Global Documents.

Demographics may also be manually typed into the Secure Web Portal by the Facility.

Some facilities can automate this process with the use of an ADT (Demographics) Interface.  This eliminates the manual process of faxing or uploading, and allows the MTSO to retrieve demographic information more efficiently. 

If an ADT Interface is in place, it also may be possible to generate an Author Schedule from that data, which can then be populated in the Author's mobile app to dictate against.  Author Schedules can also be manually typed into the EHR Web Porta. 

For more information on uploading patient lists to Global Documents, click here

Fore more information on manually populating Author Schedules, click here


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