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What are Urgent jobs?

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Urgent Jobs vs. Stat Jobs


Urgent Dictations (jobs) are those which have been promoted to a higher priority so they will be downloaded next by a specific transcriptionist, a member of a transcriptionist pool, or any transcriptionist having access permissions to the job.  This is a transcription management setting and is different from a dictation setting of STAT.


The difference between Urgent jobs and STAT jobs is related to who made the assignment. An Author generally orders a job as STAT.  That request can affect the turn-around time (TAT) required for the job as well as a billing rate.  A job is promoted to Urgent by a transcription manager – usually because the job is in jeopardy of exceeding the TAT requirement.  Jobs that are marked Urgent are not subject to the TAT requirements of STAT jobs.

The order in which the ITC will download these dictations or remove them from the urgent list is managed on the Urgent Dictations page under the Queue in the InfraWare Management Console.

Please watch a short video that describes the Urgent/Stat feature:


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