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Why are jobs for an Author who is enabled for First Draft not going through First Draft?

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Troubleshooting jobs which did not go through First Draft

For customers subscribed to the First Draft Dictation Recognition Service, Authors can be enabled for First Draft for each Document Type/Dictation Source.  If you have enabled an Author and are troubleshooting why a job did not go through First Draft there can be a couple of explanations.

The first place to look is the Job Properties Audit Trail.  This will give a short explanation as to why First Draft was skipped for this job.  In the example below, "Dictation Source not eligible for First Draft" is listed in he audit trail.

There are a few possibilities for this:

  • New Dictation Source:  Is there a new dictation source being used for the dictation?  Did the author change from TDS to InfraWare Mobile for iOS or Android?  Each source is compiled and graded separately and must be enabled for First Draft for that Author-DocType-Dictation Source combination.  Please reference KB412 for more information on enabling Authors and Document Types for FD.
  • Dictation Length:  You can set a minimum value in seconds and a maximum value in minutes that will determine when a job is sent to First Draft processing and when processing is skipped.  The dictation length of this audio file may be outside of the tuning options specified for the Account, Facility, or Author.  Please reference KB489 for more information on this setting.

Please contact First Draft Support at FDS@InfraWare.com for further questions or concerns.

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