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What is a First Draft Region?

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First Draft Regions Explained


A First Draft Region can be added to specify where speech recognition output should go when a heading is recognized. If there is a dictated heading which you would like the First Draft heading detection process to recognize, you can add a First Draft Region.


  • An Account level Administrator login ID and password (or Facility Admin with permission to use ITE - KB554)


  • Position the cursor where you would like the recognized text to go.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R, or navigate to the Insert Menu ⇒ Document Fields  First Draft First Draft Region.
  • The Phrases dialog box will open so you can specify phrases for this region.  See KB749 for more details on Phrases.   
  • Click the OK button on the dialog box.
  • You will see the Region field on your template with only the first phrase displayed for brevity.

  • Double click the field to make changes to the phrases at any time.

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