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How can I view the Audit Trail for jobs or users?

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How to View Audit Trail


All significant activity on jobs (dictations/reports) is logged in the InfraWare Transcription Platform.  Users with access to jobs in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) or the Secure Web Portal can view the Audit Trail.


To view the Audit Trail for a Job

Identify a job on the Queue page of the IMC or the Reports page in the Portal.  Click the job ID (the hyper-linked number) to bring up to Job Properties window.  Click the View Audit Trail link along the top of the page.

To view the Audit Trail for a User

Administrative users (only) can view the activity of a platform user in the overall Audit Trail.  In the IMC, click the Administration tab, then the Users tab.  Click a user's name to load the User Properties page.  Click the link labeled 'View user action history' (or similar label).  The Action Log loads in a new window and can be displayed for a specific date range as needed.

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