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What do I do if dictations are stuck in uploading status in InfraWare Mobile/InfraWare Dictation?

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Troubleshooting - Jobs stuck in Upload status

If you are experiencing difficulty uploading dictations from the InfraWare Mobile or InfraWare Dictation app on your iOS or Android device, please follow the steps outlined below to troubleshoot your upload issue:

  • Does your device have a working network connection (cellular or wifi)?  To test this you can try:
    • Open a web browser and navigate to a website and verify that the site loads properly. 
    • Open your eMail and refresh to verify you are seeing the most recent messages and that the time is current.
  • Go to the Uploads folder (Workflow ➣ Uploads).  If the jobs are there you can restart the submission process by tapping on the play/pause icon.
  • Restart the phone, verify a strong network connection, and sign in to the InfraWare Mobile again.  This should initiate the Upload process. 
    • Please be sure that you do not sign out until the upload process has completed.
  • If there are dictations in the Drafts folder that are not sending, try making a small append on to the end of one of them and Submit it again.

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