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How do I remove the Urgency setting from one or more jobs in the IMC?

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Removing the Urgent Option in the IMC Explained


Urgent Dictations (jobs) are those which have been promoted to a higher priority so they will be downloaded next by a specific MT, a member of an MT pool, or any MT having access permissions to the job.  This is a transcription management setting and is different from a dictation setting of STAT.  If you have marked one or more jobs as Urgent and need to remove this setting you can follow the steps outlined below in the IMC. 


  • Go to the Queue tab in the IMC.
  • Select the jobs and then go to Job Properties by clicking on the icon.
  • When any of the jobs you selected is urgent you will see the message in Job Properties "One or more dictations are marked as urgent" and a button to "Manage urgency order".   Click this button.
  • Click on the Remove link next to the job # for each job you want to REMOVE the urgency setting.
  • If all you did was remove the Urgency from one or more jobs by clicking on the Remove link, you can close this window.  Clicking on the Save Order button is only required if you modified the order of the jobs in the urgency list and want to save those changes.


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