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How do I search for jobs in the IMC Queue?

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Search for Jobs in the IMC Queue


Searching for jobs in the IMC Queue tab can be done based on several filters and criteria.  These are described below.  


  • Queue for: 
    • Account:  If your logged in user has access to more than one Account on the platform you will see a drop-down menu with those Accounts.  Note:  The queue for only one Account can be viewed at a time. 
    • Facilities: Choose a specific facility, all of your Preferred Facilities, or All Facilities from the drop-down menu. Preferred Facility options will be on the top of the list, above the divider line.   Facilities which are not part of your Preferred Facilities will be below the divider line.  See KB809 for more details on Preferred Facilities.
  • Saved Search or Quick Search:
    • Saved Search:  Choose a Saved Search from the drop-down menu.  It is not necessary to click the Search button, which is specific to the Quick Search option.  The selected Saved Search will be executed on choosing from the drop-down menu.  See KB106 for details on Saved Searches. 
    • Quick Search:  Quick search on up to 4 criteria when a Saved Search is not available.
      • By default one search criteria is displayed.  Upon selecting an attribute from the drop-down menu on the far left, the option will populate either a drop-down menu or a text box.  Choose from the following for each criteria selected:
        • Must Have
        • May Have
        • Must Not Have
      • Quick Searches can be done on up to 4 criteria.  Click the »More link to display additional criteria. Choose from the drop-down menu to select up to 4 critiera.                                                                    
      • Once you are satisfied with your Quick Search options click on the Search button.
      • Click the »Less link to display one criteria only.
      • Click the Clear link to clear criteria.
      • Note:  Any quick search options that are left blank will be ignored, thus allowing you to use the options you need and ignore the ones you do not.
  • Choose Columns:  For a quick manipulation of columns displayed click the Choose Columns link to add/remove columns.  A pop-up will display with Available Columns on the left and Chosen Columns on the right. 
    • Add: Click on a column from the Available Columns list and click the Add button to include it in the Chosen Columns. 
    • Remove:  To remove a column click on the name of the Column in the Chosen Columns list on the right and then click the Remove button.
    • Order:  To move the order of columns from left to right choose a column from the Chosen Columns list and click the Move Up or Move Down buttons. 
    • Note:  Choosing columns from this link is not persistent.  If you navigate away and then come back to the Queue the column changes will be persistent.  Columns can be customized for Saved Searches, which would persist for the Saved Search.


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