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How can I create templates on InfraWare 360?

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How to Create Templates for the InfraWare 360 Platform


The InfraWare 360 Platform supports templates to accelerate the production of reports.  To create templates, download and install the InfraWare Template Editor from the software tab of the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).


  • InfraWare Management Console (IMC) user with the Administrator (KB520) or Manager (KB521) role assigned.


Using the Template Editor, you can insert text which doesn't need to be re-typed each time a document is produced.  In addition, the use of variables is supported to automatically populate data values.  The data can include patient demographics as well as job properties (i.e. job ID, MT initials, etc.) 

The InfraWare Welcome Kit contains a tutorial for creating templates.  A brief outline of the steps includes:

  • Install the Template Editor
  • Open the Template Editor and type or copy/paste needed text
  • Insert data variables from the Insert menu
  • Save the template with the IWT file extension
  • Using the IMC, upload the new template on the Document Config/Templates tab
  • Assign the template to a new or existing Document Type

Now, each time an MT receives a new job of the Document Type involved, the correct template will accompany the job and auto-populate with data.

Headers and footers are supported.  Activate them by selecting from the View menu.  Headers and footers for the first page are automatically unique from headers and footers on all subsequent pages.  Images have limited support in templates, and can be used to recreate letterheads.

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