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How do I get started with First Draft back-end speech recognition technology?

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Getting Started with First Draft


InfraWare's First Draft Dictation Recognition system (speech recognition) is an optional piece of the InfraWare 360 platform. If you want a cost-effective, robust platform, InfraWare is a great way to go. Our back-end implementation of ASR eliminates the need for a change in physician behavior, and it inserts productivity gains into the existing workflow. It can be activated at any time.


There are 2 main considerations when implementing back-end speech recognition:  Workflow and Workforce

  • Workflow: 
    • Each Author/Work Type/Dictation Source combination is graded for suitability for recognition.  This process begins automatically as soon as there are audio files with completed documents on the platform (KB510).
    • Account Administrators have complete control over what work is enabled for First Draft by first enabling Templates (KB547) and then enabling eligible Author/Document Type/Dictation Source combinations (KB415). 
  • Workforce:  Having a well-trained workforce is essential to successfully implementing speech recognition.  InfraWare is committed to working with our partners to get the most out of First Draft.  We offer the following training options:
    • Administrators:  Administrators and Managers are strongly encouraged to complete the FD Admin Course before enabling First Draft for your workforce.
      • Meets twice a week for 1 hour x 4 weeks (total of 8 lessons). 
        • Necessary Basic understanding of workflow, options, and templates.
        • Advanced workflow and FD Template Training for the most effective editing experience.  Templates are the most significant way an administrator can influence the editing experience for MT's.  This course will cover "the basics" as well as more advanced template tuning (KB701).
        • Followup session(s) 1:1 with our FD training team to go over any questions, specific workflow, and template needs of your account.
    • MT Editors:  Admins, Managers and MT Trainers are welcome.
      • Introduction to SR Editing:  This class is for MT's getting started with First Draft.
        • Meets twice a week for 1 hour x 3 weeks (total of 6 sessions)
          • Basic Productivity
          • ITC Keyboard-only navigation
          • Editing Understanding
          • Editing Best Practices
          • Quality Expectations and Over-editing
          • Workflow Considerations & Course Wrap-up
      • First Draft for Experienced Editors:  This class is for MT's who have effectively edited speech-recognized documents on other platforms, but are new to First Draft.
        • Total of 2 sessions with high-level details from the Intro to SR Editing course.

Please contact us at FDS@InfraWare.com if you are interested in more information about First Draft automated back-end speech recognition service. 


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