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What is the Administration tab in First Draft Areas?

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What is the Administration tab in First Draft Areas


Each First Draft Area has a management window used to manage/manipulate the headings/subheadings within that Area.  The Administration tab within each First Draft Area will allow you to merge, move, and split headings/subheadings. This article explains the steps for each administrative option. 


  • Merge:  The Merge option will merge the phrases associated with the selected heading to another heading.  This would be useful if you wanted to combine the heading HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS and CHIEF COMPLAINT, or if you originally created both OBJECTIVE and PHYSICAL EXAMINATION and then decided you want to combine them.
    • Example:  The screenshot below illustrates that all phrases associated with "PHYSICAL EXAM" will be merged with "OBJECTIVE" and then "PHYSICAL EXAM" is deleted automatically as part of the process.
  • Move:  If you have multiple Areas in a template you can move a heading from one Area to another using this option. 
    • Example:  If you originally created CURRENT MEDICATIONS within Area #1 but then decide it would be better to have it in Area #2 or #3, you can move the highlighted heading and all its phrases to that Area.

  • Split:  Should you decide the template would be better suited to having multiple Areas the Split option will accomplish this need.
    • Example:  If the first couple headings can be set to "Order as Dictated" but the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION subheadings need to be in a specified order you can use this option to split the Area at the current location.  Hightlight the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION heading by clicking on it and click Split, to create a new Area on the template. 
    • This will result in the Area being split as shown below, into two separate First Draft Areas.


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