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CRM Files Page

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CRM Files


Files can be uploaded as part of the CRM page for a Facility (KB686).  The CRM Files page lists all files which have been uploaded to the platform for Facilities.


  • Go to the Administration tab ⇒ Facilities subtab.
  • Click on the Facility Files link at the top of the listing, above the filter options.
  • The Facility CRM File List page will load. 


  • Filters:  Once a filter is selected/entered click Search.
    • View: 
      • File List:  Lists all Facility files for the selected view.
      • Summary:  Summarizes the number of each file type uploaded.
    • File Type:  Options include:
      • Access Authorization Forms (AAF)
      • Account Information Sheet (AIS)
      • ACH/Electronic Payment Auth (ACH)
      • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
      • Credit Application (CA)
      • Exhibits (E)
      • Incident Report (IR)
      • Legal (Legal)
      • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
      • Service Agreement (SA)
    • Expiration:  An Expiration Date can be set for files uploaded. Options include:
      • Expired
      • Not Expired
      • All
    • Facility
    • Description
    • File Name
  • Click the File Name to download/open that file.
  • Click the pencil icon to modify file attributes:
  • Click the red X to delete the file.


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