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How can I setup masks for MTs to get specific types of jobs?

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How to Setup Masks for MTs to Get Jobs


Masks are an optional feature for queuing and prioritizing jobs for transcriptionists.

When masks are not used, jobs are routed to any MT having permissions for those jobs (based on author or document type).  The order in which they are routed is determined by the queue method setting for the Account. 


Options are First in/First out or Turn-around time remaining.

Masks Explained

Masks describe a criteria for jobs such as Author, Document Type, etc.  Multiple masks (criteria) can be established for a single MT.  Any number of those masks can be active at one time.  Establish one or more masks for an MT by clicking the link on the Transcriptionist Settings page (available from any MT's user properties page).

Once loaded, criteria for masks can be specified.  An MT will only be routed work for masks which are selected to be active at the time they are working.  When there are multiple masks active, there are two modes in which they can work: 

  • Sequentially (one at a time)
  • Round-robin

Multiple Masks

If three masks are active and sequentially is selected, the MT is fed jobs from the top mask until there are no more jobs meeting that criteria.  Then, they are sent jobs meeting the next highest mask and so on.  When round-robin is selected, the MT will be sent one job from the top most mask, one from the next level and one from the third level.  The fourth job will be from the top most mask again, then the second level and so on.

Administration of Masks

Administrators can create, modify and activate masks in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  In some circumstances, MTs themselves can manage their own masks from the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC).  If an administrator wants to allow MTs to manage their own masks, they can grant those permissions in the IMC on the Transcriptionist Settings page.  Permission can be granted to perform all tasks (create, modify, activate) or only to activate existing masks.

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