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How do I make Turn-Around Time Adjustments?

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Setting up TAT Adjustments


There may be times where a job's turnaround time (TAT) needs to be adjusted for business purposes.  A common example is when a job is received, but the necessary information to complete it (i.e. demographics) is not available.  Waiting on information from a Facility could cause the job to fall outside of TAT requirements.  In these cases, it might be necessary to manually adjust the TAT calculation metrics.


  • From the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) Queue view, place a checkmark next to the job(s) that require the TAT adjustment, then click on More Actions on the toolbar, then select TAT Adjustment.


  • The TAT Adjustment window will pop up:

 The following adjustment can be made to the selected job(s):

  • Extend TAT Minutes by ___ minutes
    • This will add time to the TAT minutes originally defined for the job (i.e. If a job had 1440 minutes of TAT, adding 60 minutes with this adjustment will make it 1500).
  • Set TAT Deadline To ____
    • This will move the deadline of the job(s) to a specific date/time.
  • Advance Date Submitted By ____ minutes
    • This will advance the Consider Submitted date/time by the number of minutes entered.
    • Note that there may already be a Considered Submitted date/time populated due to an automated adjustment via Late Submissions.  See KB840 for more information.
  • Consider Jobs as being Submitted at ____
    • This will change the Considered Submitted to a specified date/time.
  • Consider Jobs as being Complete at ____
    • This will change the Considered Complete to a specified date/time.
  • Exclude from TAT Reporting
    • Enabling this setting will allow the job(s) to be excluded from the TAT Report.  See KB643 for information on the TAT Report.
  • Delete existing TAT Adjustments
    • This will remove any previously defined TAT Adjustments to the job(s) and revert the TAT to its original state.

You can specify the reason for the TAT Adjustment by clicking on the dropdown menu under Reason, and typing in a comment in the text box.

Once completed, click Save.


  • A job may only have one TAT adjustment in place at a time. 
  • If there is a TAT Adjustment in place for a job and you create a new one, it will replace the old one.

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