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How do I line up text within a First Draft Area?

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How do I line up text within a First Draft Area?


It is sometimes desired to line up First Draft output text more than the standard single or double space following the heading.  You can use this method to line up text for headings when extra spaces are desired.  See KB778 for details on First Draft Areas.


From within the First Draft Area for which you need to set up extra spacing:

  • Under the Text Format tab click on Tab before text for each heading that needs to have text moved out.
  • Click Save to save changes.

Text Wrapping

All text within a First Draft Area will observe the same text wrapping and indention.  In the template itself you will need to set the tabs up for the corresponding line where the heading.  If text needs to wrap around with an intent you will also need to adjust (by clicking and dragging) the bottom half of the "triangles" for the indent on subsequent lines that will wrap around if text will be on more than one line.  If you want subsequent text to be flush left, then leave both top and bottom "triangle" at the left.  


  • To set tabs, go to Format and Tabs.

    Set the location for each tab (represented by the small 'L' shapes on the ruler).  An established tab can also be dragged along the ruler to adjust.


    • In the following example the text after the heading will start at 3.5 where the first tab is marked for that line.  Because both triangles/indent markers at at the left side, any subsequent text that wraps around from that first heading will be flush left on the page.
    • In this next example, any text that wraps around onto a second line for that heading will begin at 3.5 also because the bottom triangle/indent has been moved over.
    • This third example shows that to indent the heading itself, both triangles are moved over to the 0.5 mark.  The cursor needs to be on the desired line that you want adjusted.






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