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What do I do if Dictations stop recording in the middle of dictating with InfraWare Dictation or InfraWare Mobile?

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Troubleshooting - Recording Stops in the Middle of Recording


To correctly diagnose the cause of the behavior we may need some additional information:

  • What does the app do when it stops, or what is the state of the application when you notice it has stopped?  

    • For example, is it at a login screen, or on the dictate screen with the job stopped or paused, or is an error message displayed?  

      • If it is on the login screen, when you log back in does the app present an alert message saying anything about the previous logout being due to low memory?  

  • Did any phone calls come in during the dictation (perhaps with ringer on silent)?

  • Were any alert-style iOS notifications received (N.B.: notifications set to display as alerts can interrupt recording, but notifications set to display as banners should not interrupt recording.)  

      • Examples of possible notifications include things like text messages and calendar or timer events.  

  • Also, it might be helpful to know what position the device is in during dictation.  

    • For example, is it being held up to the ear like a phone call, or held in front/placed on a table like a speaker-phone.

  • Any info you can think of that might help identify the root cause would be appreciated.


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